Stylish handmade car seats to ease the life of a dog and his owner

Every dog owner wants only the best for his best friend, right? Balanced food, comfy place to rest, interesting toys and as much as possible time together. But sometimes that can be difficult, especially if you are a busy person or like to travel. But we think that every situation has a solution! You do not need to leave your puppy at home if you travel by car, are going to a shop or simply for a walk - we created multi functional dog car seats that can be used in many situations and occasions. If you choose us, you will get not just a regular dog car seat, but also a stylish handbag and a sleeping bag. One product - 3 ways to use!

If you do not find a dog car seat that fully satisfies you, please contact us and we will create a car seat specially for you! Below you will find many technical information about our products that it could be easier to make an appropriate decision.


Dog car seat is attached* to upper part of the back or front passenger seat using adjustable strap. It ensures that your little friend could be able to enjoy the view through the window. To keep him or her safe and in place, you can a strap of a car seat to the back or collar of your dog. Now you are ready to travel!

*This does not apply to XXL dog car seats, because they should be placed directly on the back or front passenger car seat, they should not be hanged.

See a video of how to attach our dog car seat:

Car seats are available in 6 sizes depending on the size of your dog: 

Visual comparison of car seats: S, M, L size
Visual comparison of car seats: S, M, L size
Visual comparison of car seats: XL and XXL size
Visual comparison of car seats: XL and XXL size

That's how inside of a car seats looks like:


The outside of each dog car seat is made of Eco leather:

  • It is environment friendly: made mostly from cotton, not using any heavy metals or other harmful materials in a process;
  • Not allergenic;
  • Breathable;
  • Abrasion, tear, and scratch resistant;
  • It looks and feels like natural leather.

The inside is made from upholstery fabric named "Lugano":

  • It is recommended as one of the most pet scratch resistant fabrics;
  • It is super easy to clean - you do not need any chemicals, just a water and a cloth.

"Lugano" - longer service life and great looks!

That's how our car seats look like together with dogs: